Begin Your Smoke-Free Journey With Us

Begin Your Smoke-Free Journey With Us

Learn the story behind our St. Cloud, MN store

The E-Cig Emporium is run by Mark Fritz, his wife and his son, Mason. Four years ago, Mason introduced his family to an e-cigarette, and they all decided to put down their traditional cigarettes and try vaping instead. This e-cigarette was the only product they’d tried that successfully kept them from smoking, and they fully believe that their introduction to vaping saved their lives. Now, they are on a mission to help the smokers of St. Cloud, MN kick their habits for good.

Call 320-774-1002 now to learn more about the products we sell.

3 reasons to shop at The E-Cig Emporium

Are you interested in giving vaping a try? Here are a few reasons you should work with the staff at The E-Cig Emporium to find the gear that’s right for you:

  1. We are one of only four vape shops in the area
  2. We have a personal commitment to helping people quit smoking
  3. We are a family-owned and operated business

Drop those cigarettes now and find an e-cigarette you’ll enjoy smoking instead.